Dr. Nimmathota Madhavi

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Mrs. V. T. Iswariya

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  1. T. Iswariya, P. Deepika, B. Sowjanya Battu. Formulation and evaluation of Captopril mouth dissolving tablets. Chapter 7. ISBN: 978-93-5547-090-4.


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Unidirectional Uccal drug delivery of Diclofenac Sodium

Design and characterization of Bi-Layered Buccal drug delivery system using combinatorial polymers LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2012-09-15 )

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uccal route of drug delivery is one among novel drug delivery systems where there is high blood perfusion rate that will enable good bioavailability without wasting drug due to first pass metabolism as in case with oral route and making whole dose of drug available for absorption into systemic circulation, hence improving the bioavailability.

The current research uses the advantage of BDDS and aims at delivering an anti-diabetic drug (Metformin HCl) in controlled manner using different biodegradable polymer combinations and achieved expected results of high bioavailability, controlled and prolonged drug release, thereby improved patient compliance and reduce the dosing frequency and dose and hence reduce adverse effects.

The current work provides interesting & modified method of bioadhesive strength testing. Hoping at further detailed in-vivo and clinical studies over the best formulation achieved in the research may give a very efficient formulation for the current generation to treat type-II diabetes as once in a day dose.

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By (author) : Dr. sowjanya Battu

ISBN-13: 978-3-659-23852-9

ISBN-10: 365923852X

EAN: 9783659238529

Book language: English

Meenu Pande

Number of pages: 128

Published on: 2012-09-15

Category: Pharmacy