WGCDR B.N.Rao Administrative Officer WGCDR B. N. Rao has completed his B.E (Mech) from Osmania and AEC (M) from Air force Technical College with experience in administration in JNTU Colleges is our Administrative Officer.

Administrative officer is responsible for
  1. Security
  2. Canteen
  3. Material Procurement including stationary.
  4. Supervision of sanitation, maintenance of the furniture and general equipment.
  5. Student Admissions
  6. Internal Arrangements
  7. Transport
  8. Miscellaneous
  9. Campus discipline & Cell phone checking and seizing from the students, general discipline such as Ragging, Teasing etc., in the campus
  10. Office Administration & Correspondence.
  11. Submission to and receipt from of correspondence
    1. Higher Education
    2. PCI
    3. JNTU
    4. Minority cell if applicable
  12. Report to Principal/Secretary daily on the work progress.
  13. Any other work assigned by the authorities from time to time.