Library Committee is constituted for ensuring smooth functioning of library and coordination with all Heads of the Department, faculty members, students and management.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Library Committee

Library Committee is an advisory body to suggest Chairman on the policy matters relating to the management of the Library. The policy matters on which they make recommendations would include finalization of Library annual budget, sub-allocation of Library budget to different categories of expenditure like books, journals required by each Department.

Staff requirements for the Library are to be verified by the Library Committee.

To Procure Books as per AICTE and PCI based on the recommendations of respective Heads of departments in various specializations in order to meet the requirements of curriculum.

Journals to be subscribed for the Library are scrutinized by the Library Committee.

Circulation of policy (No. of books to be issued to different categories of users, period of issue, fine charges for late return, whether journals to be issued, photocopy services to be provided, library working hours and other related matters )is to be decided by the Library Committee.

Policy for lending out books, Journals, magazines, newspapers, etc and policy for writing off loses of Library documents due to theft, damage due to fire, water, rain etc. is to be put up after consideration by the Library Committee. Stock verification to be carried out periodically.

Librarian is responsible for implementing any policies relating to the management of the Library as per guidelines of Library Committee.

Requirement list are placed by the Librarian for books, journal and stationary required by the Library. However, while the books are procured by the Library as per the recommendation of the concerned Head of the Department, approval of Principal and Chairman of the college. The Librarian will keep informed the Library Committee about expenditure of academic year.

Allocation of duties to the Library staff and completing their performance Appraisal Reports is the responsibility of the Librarian.


S.NoActual DesignationDesignation in the committeeMember Name
1ProfessorChairmanDr. T. Rama Mohan Reddy
2LibrarianMemberMr.M. Vijaya Raj
3Assistant ProfessorMemberMr.R. Sireesh Kiran
4Assistant ProfessorMemberDr.M.Raghavendra
5Assistant ProfessorMemberMrs.B. Pavani
6StudentMemberMs.S. Swetha
7StudentMemberMr.M. Aravind